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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Wood Brother's in action

Here are the Wood Brothers pitting Neil Bonnett at Pocono

Glen Wood is one of the 25 nominees for the Nascar Hall of Fame's first group of inductees.

The famed Wood Brothers refined the art of the pit stop and were among the first to use tire stagger to increase handling. The Wood's were so good that they were asked to pit Jimmy Clark's car for the 1965 Indianapolis 500. Clark won that race in large part due to the Wood Brother's fast pitwork.

They made history at Daytona in a bizare way in 1961. With their driver, Marvin Panch injured they picked Tiny Lund to drive their 21 Ford for the Daytona 500. Lund amazingly won this race without changing tires for the entire 500 mile distance.


  1. Hey! Found you and will link your blog to mine.

    Those were the days eh...can you imagine pitting the cars like that now!? Love those sneakers and track pants....LOL

    Welcome to blogspot!!

  2. howdy, RL :)

    you might be happy to know that on the yahoo answers thingy, I got a best answer to the "who should go into the HoF?" by saying it should be the guys who were in the sport in the 50's, not the 80's, lol

  3. Well tez, I mostly agree but Richard Petty and David Pearson's careers are almost too huge to ignore.

    I will sneak my picks to you in email if you have it listed.


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