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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Look Back

It has been awhile. Time for another look at real race cars and drivers. Here is Cale Yarborough and Buddy Baker at Dover Downs in 1977. A 500 mile event that seperated the men from the boys.

Cale and Buddy

Just can not get enough of the factory sheetmetal. Here is Richard Petty in one of his early runs in a Chevrolet at Darlington for the 1978 Southern 500. That is Sterling Marlin's Father, Coo Coo in the 14 car.

1978 PETTY

Dale Earnhardt in 1984


These winged creations were the ultimate of excess. Bill France had seen enough of it after two years and brought things back in line. The 1970 Daytona 500.

Daytona, 1970

This is Neil Bonnett after taking the checkered flag at Ontario Califonia in 1977. If anyone wonders where the Rick Hendrick Powerhouse came from it started here. Harry Hyde was the crew chief and a very young Randy Dorton built the engines for Jim Stacy's Dodge. It was Hyde and Dorton that Hendrick tabbed to start his race team in 1984. Bonnett was no slouch and knocking off Richard Petty for the first two wins of his career was a pretty good way to start.

Neil Bonnett, 1977

Welcome to the World of Classic Nascar

If it is old it's cool. Keepin it real is the rule.

This site is templated for photos, enjoy.

These pictures are available due to the generousity of many others.


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