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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hall of Fame, 1983 Champ

Here is a real good look at Bobby Allison's Buick Regal ripping Pocono in 1983. This year Bobby won his first and only championship. Allison drove for well over 20 different car owners including himself during his career and won races for just about all of them. He is the Alabama Gang and the ultimate Barnstormer.

Allison is one of if not the best driver/ mechanic in Nascar's illustrious history. In his day it was not unusual for drivers to work on their cars. Bobby did this better than anyone as he could build a race car top to bottom. In his career Bobby did not seem to be concerned much about staying with a particular team or owner even though settling down in later years finally brought him the title.

When it comes to turning a wrench Bobby Allison was the man and anybody who worked with Allison knew what it meant to take the checkered flag.

Allison probably will not be part of the first Nascar Hall of Fame entrants but soon enough Bobby will be there.


  1. Nice pic RL. Your right, Allision probably won't be in the first ballot. I just hope he gets in while he is still around.

  2. Thanks stork. The orignal pic of this car was too big and exploded the post, had to be donwsized sadly ...LOL

    Yes I hope that Bobby is still here to walk the Hall. He is one if many deserving great drivers.


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