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Friday, July 17, 2009

Buddy Baker Pictorial

Buddy definetly had the big tracks down with four wins at Charlotte and Talladega also winning races at Darlington, Michigan, Atlanta, Ontario and College Station Texas. Driving for Richard Petty Baker won the Spring race at Darlington in 1971 and the World 600 in 1972.


  1. Great post RL! I see you figured out how to "blow up the blog!" LOL

  2. Hey there! I thought it would be so hard to post your pics on my Myspace blog, but all I had to do is copy and paste and there it is! Take a look -

  3. I've always wondered why Buddy ran #11 with Petty Enterprises vs. something in the 40s as was (and is) a long standing tradition. Everytime I see a pic of that red #11, I ask again hoping to get a good answer.


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